2015 W.I.S.E. Summit Summary

The 2015 W.I.S.E. Summit in Nashville, Tenn., was a superb opportunity to reconnect with friends and meet new members. The weather was clear skies and warm enough to venture outside without a jacket. Lowes Vanderbilt Hotel was a flawless setting for our first evening as well as the educational events that followed.

2015 W.I.S.E. Summit

Monday evening had the women of W.I.S.E in the Skylight Foyer at Lowes Vanderbilt, sipping cocktails as they sought answers to the icebreaker. It was fun learning who had traveled the 50 states and, of course, those few of us who had ridden on a camel. The evening’s theme was to wear a clothing item that represented the member’s favorite place to travel. Some members were dressed head-to-toe while others chose to wear a hat or scarf. What was fascinating were all the different places people love to travel and you couldn’t help leaving with inspiration for future vacations. The food was phenomenal and many members went back for seconds. This first night went so well, W.I.S.E. was able to extend the hours for the cocktails which allowed the women to spend more time together.

Be InspiredThe second night was in downtown Nashville at Merchants Restaurant. Members were able to mingle while eating hor d’oeuvres. Again, W.I.S.E delivered a fun event with excellent food options. The lack of a formal dinner allowed members to walk around as they ate so they could meet up with others and develop new relationships or reconnect after a year from being apart. Subsequently, everyone headed to Wannabe’s to watch Terri E. perform karaoke. She did a wonderful job in spite of being ill for 2 weeks. Tammy W. also sang karaoke and was met with much applause.

Members then hit the town to experience what Nashville had to offer and were not disappointed. There were plenty of stories the next day that displayed the bond that members had developed with their W.I.S.E. girlfriends.

The W.I.S.E. 4th Annual Summit was a success in terms of creating an engaging environment where members were able yo share and learn more about each other as well as the industry they are a part of. Bonds were strengthened and new friendships were made. All and all a great time had by all.

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