Economic and Market Reports

The Industrial Supply Association offers multiple reports to help members who are searching for industry-specific data. We offer the following resources to ISA members as part of our membership promise:

ISA's Information Promise:
Be a strategic resource to our members for economic, financial and business information that influences the Industrial MROP marketplace and their businesses.

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ISA Economic Outlook Reports

The ISA Economic Outlook Report details the industrial production outlook, focusing on major macroeconomic indicators and the current business cycle. Learn more.

ISA Economic Indicator Reports

The Economic Indicator Report summarizes business activity for both manufacturers and distributors in one easy-to-read synopsis. Learn more.

ISA Markets Monitor

This annual benchmark report provides market potential estimates for 10 product categories for the top 100 metro areas and 400 counties in the United States. Market potential estimates for Canada and Mexico are provided at the province/state level.

In addition, the quarterly ISA Markets Monitor report provides quarterly updates to the annual benchmark report above at a national level, and provides quarterly pricing trends by product category as well.
Learn more.

Distributor Performance Dashboards

The Distributor Performance Dashboards are a web-based analytic tool to allow distributors to track financial performance on a rolling 12-month basis. Learn more.

Machine Tool Trends Reports

The EDA Industry Insight trend charts provide broad-based, monthly statistical data on UCC financing activity in the U.S. for sale and lease transactions of equipment. Learn more.

Profit Improvement Reports from Dr. Al Bates

Dr. Albert D. Bates is founder and president of Profit Planning Group, a distribution research firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Employee Compensation Report

Comprehensive report of employee compensation in durable goods distribution. Learn more.


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