Altus Global Trade Solutions

Altus Global Trade Solutions is the exclusive credit and collection service provider for ISA members.

Their emphasis on client service and collection results makes them an ideal partner for your company in the management of delinquent receivables. Altus will work closely with each ISA member company to produce a successful collection program.

Here's what ISA members can expect from Altus Global Trade Solutions

  • Discounted contingency rate
  • Ability to send a credit professional to your debtor’s business or residence to discuss payment
  • Twice monthly remittance of monies collected
  • Industry Leader in Receivables Management: Business expertise includes Information Services, Collections, Factoring, and Credit Insurance
  • Global presence in 93 countries and six continents
  • Complimentary Debtor Alert: A daily warning system notifying you and all your locations of the companies in your industry that have been placed for collection the previous day
  • Complimentary Business Activity Scan: With only the telephone number of your delinquent client, Coface can provide vital behind-the-scenes information about their financial stability, which is necessary for you to make an informed and intelligent collection decision

As a client of Altus, you will benefit from their flexibility and commitment to customized collection efforts, reporting methods and payment schedules. They are fully licensed, registered and bonded in all required states.

For more information, please contact:

Monique Alexander
Association Development Director
Altus Global Trade Solutions
312 S.E. Stonemill Drive, Suite 145
Vancouver, WA 98684
Tel: (800) 318-6494, ext. 212
Fax: (206) 600-3165