The ISA has recently appointed ClearGate as its preferred partner for credit card processing and, at the same time, moved their credit card processing to ClearGate. As a result of this move, the ISA has taken advantage of the significant cost savings ClearGate is offering the ISA and every one of its members.

ClearGate is a full service merchant processing company with a comprehensive understanding of the special needs facing ISA members. ClearGate knows that many members have multiple means for accepting credit card payments, all the way from dial up terminals in a retail environment, to payment gateways with shopping carts for online orders. That is why ClearGate is helping ISA members of all sizes improve their operating efficiencies while saving on processing fees. 

Today, technology and security concerns have significantly altered the landscape for payment processing. Unfortunately, payment technology is complicated. Your business must have access to simple and secure processing solutions tailored to your exact needs, at a cost you can afford.

ClearGate has the answers and solutions to meet the processing and data security dynamics you simply have to face in today’s processing world.

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