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As an ISA partner, Growth Dynamics offers world-class, comprehensive solutions focused on the selection, performance and retention of the right sales team that can navigate the ever-changing competitive landscape.  GDI's solutions and programs offer you the tools and expertise to select, develop, and retain the right sales team . . . giving you the advantage.

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GDI’s Expert Sales Force Performance Solutions & Programs:

  • Pre-Selection & Development Assessments for ANY Role – Growth Dynamics offers a suite of pre-selection and developmental assessment tools (includes GDI Performance Plan for development) to select develop and retain top performers for roles such as:
  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Professionals (Territory / Field)
  • Inside Sales / Customer Service
  • Operations / Management
  • C-Level & Executive Leadership
  • Mid-Level Management / Supervisor
  • Sales Team Analysis – GDI utilizes the results of the GDI Sales Dynamics Assessment® to compare, analyze and assess the existing sales team to identify strengths, areas for development and recommendations to improve team performance (if implemented with the GDI Sales Team Benchmark® results can be compared to the top performance standard). A powerful and effective tool for sales leadership.
  • Sales Force Selection & Sales Force Benchmark Solutions – Comprehensive models for the selection, performance and retention of sales professionals. GDI methodology defines the top performance standard in sales to help a company better attract, select, develop, retain and lead a top performing sales organization. Includes an Executive Management Report® with leadership recommendations and an in-depth analysis of the role focus, characteristics, attributes, motivation and skills needed for top performance.
  • SalesMAX® - Sales Team Analysis Survey – Engaging sales force analysis survey that allows an existing sales team to assess their role, leadership, needs, expectations, training, support and performance. Provides invaluable insight and recommendations that optimize sales leadership efforts to train, develop and lead to improve sales team performance.
  • ClientMAX® - Customer Intelligence Survey – Leading-edge customer intelligence survey methodology that assesses customer needs and expectations, sales force effectiveness and support, products, pricing, and many other company-specific topics.  Program release includes an advanced pre-marketing campaign that markets both the company and the survey to create an engaging, high response that generates leads for new business opportunities.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Proven industry solutions for attracting, interviewing, selecting, developing and retaining the “right” sales team
  • Transform your sales force to align with the role of sales today
  • Focused sales leadership recommendation to optimize team performance
  • Assess customer needs and expectations for customer saturation & retention
  • Tools, solutions and expert advice from a industry leader

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