Executive Committee

In accordance with Article VI, Section I of the By-Laws, the Executive Committee shall have and may exercise, when the Board is not in session, the powers of the Board in the management of the association. Provided, however, the Executive Committee may not take action on any matter which requires a Special Board approval under the By-Laws or a greater majority required by law. The affirmative vote of at least three (3) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute an action of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may, consistent with this section, conduct meetings and act by written consent in the same manner as is provided in the By-Laws for the Board.


John Wiborg  Derek Yurgaitis
John Wiborg
Stellar Industrial Supply
Derek Yurgaitis
Vice Chairman

Meltblown Technologies
Bill Henricks Bart Carter
William Henricks
DGI Supply
Bart Carter

Precision Tools
 Greg Baumker Craig Vogel
Greg Baumker
IMR Advisor
E. H. and Associates
Craig Vogel
Immediate Past Chairman
Lenox, Newell Brands