Strategic Information

Information is one of the key elements for ISA members to increase sales, decrease expenses and improve profitability. Efforts to collect industry data, information, and analysis on the performance of the channel and its constituents are the prime responsibilities of this committee.

Data and information collection projects for each member type to measure and plan for performance improvement are the goals. As such, those collection efforts will focus on different frequencies or intervals, such as monthly, quarterly and annually. Development, review and measurement in the effectiveness and efficiency of this type of data and information collection form the backbone of the group’s work. New information requests and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed.


Bryon Shafer
  • Karen Baker, Horizon Solutions, LLC
  • Jeff Bigelow, Hubbard Supply Co.
  • Jon Eames, N. H. Bragg
  • Bill Henricks, DGI Supply
  • Matt Schron, Jergens Industrial Supply
  • Tommy Thompson, Turner Supply Co.
Bryon Shafer, Chair
ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.