New ISA Member Profiles

Tennessee Media Plus

Knoxville, Tennessee
Tom Shaw/Evelyn Shaw

About the company:
Tennessee Media Plus is a label manufacturer and master distributor of ribbons, printers, and labeling related equipment. Our top three product lines are:

  • All Types of Labels
  • Ribbons
  • Labeling Related Equipment (printers, applicators, barcode scanners)

Company news:
We have a new 8 color press which allows us to provide any type of multi-color label for marketing, branding, or part marking.

Why join ISA?
We decided to join ISA to access more customers for our products. We learned of ISA through our Chief Business Development Officer, Patrick Noone.

Horizon Global

Plymouth, Michigan
John Aleva

About the company:
Enhancing people's lived through great products and better brands.

  • Reese – The world leader in towing and towing products, ramps cargo securing and accessories
  • Bulldog – Highest quality jacks in the world
  • Harper Brush – Highest quality brooms and brushes


Queller Wholesale

Kenilworth, New Jersey
Howard Queller, president

About the company:
Queller Wholesale is the trusted source for industrial distributors. We provide fast delivery, competitive prices, and easy access to more than 45 quality industrial brands. We sell exclusively for resale – no end users allowed – so distributors trust us to make drop shipments to their customers. With same-day shipping, no minimums, inside sales experts, and extensive inventory of popular and slow-moving items, Queller Wholesale has what it takes to serve distributors of all sizes. Family owned and operated since 1905, Queller Wholesale’s product mix consists largely of precision tools, cutting tools, hand tools, and fasteners.

Company news:
In February 2017, we changed our name from David Queller & Co. to Queller Wholesale. “Queller Wholesale” was chosen to perpetuate the legacy of the trusted Queller name, while reinforcing the core principle of selling strictly for resale. We also released our new website, By visiting the site, distributors can find product information, catalogs, promotions, flash sales, news, and our new e-commerce portal, called “Q-View”. Q-View enables the distributor to search for products by an array of criteria, check stock and pricing, place and review orders, download invoices, see order history, track shipments, and more!

Why join ISA?
Having attended the ISA annual convention each of the past several years, we felt it was time to become official members and take advantage of all that ISA has to offer. Through ISA, we hope to forge new connections with distributors and manufacturers, as well as strengthen our existing ties.

Hemly Tool Supply Inc.

Montville, Ohio
Chris Hyatt

About the company:
We are a distributor servicing the Ohio and Western Pennsylvania areas.

The top product lines we offer are

  • Titan USA
  • ToolFlo
  • Korloy
  • YG-1

Why join ISA?
We joined the ISA to be better connected with the manufacturers we distribute. Plus, we will get to know and understand new products a little better.

Ellisville, Mississippi
Michael Howard

About the company:
The mission of is to supply the construction and MRO markets with relevant industry information, valuable industry connections, and quality products to maximize customer profitability and efficiency. Our diverse product line features top brands in the industry, and we offer prompt delivery and exceptional service. Our current top product categories include lighting, electrical products, and tools.

Company news:
Obviously, the internet is having a major impact on the industrial supply industry as a whole. Shopping online can be convenient, but it can also be impersonal. At, we work to strike that perfect balance between convenience and friendly, personal service.

Why join ISA?
We joined ISA to take advantage of the valuable educational and informational opportunities ISA provides as well as to make new connections in the industry.

Digitool Solutions LLC

Chino, California
David Duvan

About the company:
Digitool Solutions is a U.S. manufacturer of torque tools and torque related equipment. DTS offers new, innovative patented technology in electronic digital torque wrenches, torque monitoring and testing. Our products are designed for the industrial, automotive, assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance market channels. DTS Product groups include:

  • Dual Scale Click Style Micrometers
  • Digital Torque & Angle Wrenches
  • Digital Torque Testers

Company news:
Digitool Solutions, for the first time, has launched our product line and programs to industrial and automotive distribution in North America. DTS offers a diverse lineup of products to cover a wide range of torque requirements in today’s industry. Electronic torque tools is where our focus is directed as a growing category for the consumer markets and we feature the newest innovative patented designs to meet the growing applications in torque requirements. Ergonomics, accuracy, and ease of operations are all features for our tools and we exceed industry standards for torque requirements. Our ability and willingness to develop new products and adapt to changing customer needs is a strength for DTS and will propel our company success into the future.

Why join ISA?
ISA has always been the premier association for the top industrial groups for manufacturing, distribution, and sales associations. This group has the most advanced and industry leading product, programs, and technology to offer in today’s markets. Digitool Solutions has the ability to be an integral part of this group and it will accelerate our growth in the years to come. Being a senior manager for DTS with 25 years of experience in our industry and with ISA will help our company growth. I have been associated with ISA throughout my working history as a member and have established a solid network of business associates and friends which I have benefited from over the years.



Houston, Texas
Ian Bendelow, global CEO

About the company:
Mincron, a KCS Group company, provides powerful business management solutions designed specifically for hard goods distributors. Our flexible, scalable complete ERP systems are the virtual command center for your business, driving productivity and sales, improving service and reducing costs — and ultimately boosting profitability.

Our dedication to service begins in the initial planning stages and continues throughout the partnership. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure you make the most of your new system. We take your success personally, and we’ll make sure you get the service, tools and training you need to serve your customers.

Company news:
Our solutions can be hosted on premises or in the cloud, and are designed to fit the needs of hard goods distributors of all sizes.

We offer a robust rebates module that can create profiles defining each supplier’s program; has multiple options for rebate calculations and tracking; and that will calculate Weighted Average Freight and Weighted Average Rebate for each branch and item, and include WAR in transaction costs.

A new browser-based dashboard application automatically formats to fit each type of mobile device. Distributors can access their dashboards on any device with an Internet connection — and even without logging into their system.

The forecasted growth for e-commerce brings tremendous potential ahead for distributors.Our e-commerce module provides distributors’ customers their own “contractor portal” with real-time access and information through a single database and the ability to build a catalog of items they might be interested in for the future.

Your Business. Your Way.

Why join ISA?
Mincron serves a number of customers in this market sector, and we believe our business management solutions are an ideal fit for industrial supply distributors. We look forward to networking with ISA members, learning more about their business and sharing with them the results and ROI they can achieve with Mincron solutions.

Waldmann Lighting Company

Wheeling, Illinois
Jan Schaefer, president

About the company:
The Waldmann brand stands for innovative lighting solutions. Waldmann Lighting, based in Wheeling, Illinois, is the North American subsidiary of Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG., developing high-quality workplace-oriented luminaires for industrial, office, architectural and healthcare applications. The comprehensive know-how of the Waldmann lighting engineers reflects 'Made in Germany' quality, and constant optimization of productivity, safety, and energy savings. For more information, please visit

Company news:
Waldmann Industrial Lighting – A powerful collection of high-performance, maintenance-free LED industrial lighting solutions that incorporate cutting-edge LED technology in sleek, form factors, with solid metal construction that withstand the roughest industrial environments for your machine, production or manufacturing facility.

Waldmann Lighting's Office/Architectural Lighting - A flexible portfolio of high-quality LED office lighting solutions for today’s workplace, where ergonomics and individual lighting scenarios are crucial. This includes freestanding and task luminaires that can freely be repositioned as workplace configurations change, as well as more permanent installed luminaires that can be suspended, wall- or desk-mounted, while providing energy-efficient dimming, and daylight controls.  

Waldmann Medical Lighting - The Derungs brand of high quality luminaires engineered for the rigorous needs, safety and efficiency requirements of healthcare brings LED light technology and sophisticated features to examination, and minor procedure areas, healthcare patient environments, and senior care housing, while requiring minimum maintenance and operating costs.

Why join ISA?
In joining ISA we hope to further build awareness within the ISA community for the Waldmann brand. We have the opportunity to engage with decision-makers in maintenance, repair, operations and production at earlier stages of their specification of lighting, providing them with solutions for increasing energy efficiency and operator safety, while minimizing down-time and facility maintenance costs.


Tulsa, Oklahoma
Larry Davis

About the company:
AgoNow, LLC is more than just a master wholesaler. We are a channel solutions provider whose purpose is to help our distributor and supplier partners grow profitably. AgoNow is committed to partnering with distribution to deliver improved, sustained performance.

  • Abrasives
  • Hand Tools
  • Safety

Company news:
AgoNow collaborates with distributors to craft digital marketing campaigns to introduce and sell more products and services to existing and potential customers. We are currently focusing on 22 core product categories.

We use leading-edge market analytics to help distributors and manufacturers identify new opportunities for growth.
E-Commerce is a trend that could have an impact if we do not adapt with the market. We help distributors service their customers online through e-commerce site hosting and management, content syndication and order management.

Why join ISA?
ISA aligns well with our primary product categories and core customer channels. ISA and AgoNow both focus on helping small to medium businesses improve their competitiveness.  

AgoNow enjoys networking with others to learn best practices which enables our companies to grow profitably.

Most of our leadership team have been involved with ISA for many years and benefited from ISA’s value propositions.

Collars and Couplings

Agawam, Massachusetts
Carol Plourde

About the company:
The only master distributor of solid shaft collars and couplings with no minimum order requirements. We sell to distributors only. We save customers time and money through:

  • Same-day shipping of in-stock items
  • Blind drop shipping
  • 10% savings for online ordering
  • Private labeling
  • Made-to-print capabilities

Company news:
We’ve recently increased the breadth and depth of our stainless steel offerings due to increased demand.

Why join ISA?
Since we sell to distributors only, it’s logical that we belong to the ISA. We’d like to make the membership aware of our collars and couplings selection and the many services we offer to lower their costs – such as blind drop shipping direct to customers, same-day shipping, online ordering, private labeling, and our no-minimum policy.