APPI Energy

APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement and consulting solutions that help ISA members reduce electricity and natural gas costs on an ongoing basis.

APPI Energy benchmarks supplier prices in every deregulated energy market in the U.S. to deliver true apples-to-apples comparisons The APPI Energy database of daily supplier prices enables consultants to review thousands of prices every day, and identify the most advantageous procurement opportunities. The APPI Energy customer service team interacts on each customer’s behalf with utilities and suppliers to ensure smooth transactions.

Operated by its original founders, APPI Energy is serving 2,300 commercial and industrial customers across the U.S., 36% of which are manufacturers. In 2016, APPI Energy is celebrating 20 years of reducing and managing energy expenses for clients in every deregulated market. APPI Energy delivers superior consulting, coordination of energy management strategies, and world-class customer service. The firm has earned the endorsement of 143 trade associations and chambers of commerce, including ISA, to provide solutions to members.