2015 Emerging Leaders Summit

The 2015 ISA Emerging Leaders Summit was held March 3-5, 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., at the GalleryOne Doubletree Suites. The summit began with a networking cocktail reception to relax and unwind in the 76 degree nightime air. The next day started off with a trip to the local Boy's and Girl's Club, The Nan Nox club in Ft. Lauderdale. While there, attendees made new friends while enjoying activities such as pool, basketball, arts & crafts and more.

Check out the videos below of the Emerging Leaders group having fun with the kids from the Boy's and Girl's Club.

Emerging Leaders - basketball Emerging Leaders- classroom
Emerging Leaders - pool Emerging Leaders - drawing

Attendees spent the following days of the summit participating in two fruitful sessions. The first session was a presentation by speaker Steve McClatchy.  The presentation was titled "Interpersonal Leadership: Build Trust, Resolve Conflict and Lead Relationships." This session guided attendees on how to establish compelling trust, the 4 steps to resolving conflict when it happens and how to remove you own "dead moose."

Following this session there was a trip to sea where attendees voyaged off the Florida coast for a hand in deep sea fishing. Even though the trip ended with only a few fish on deck, everyone had a good time and cruising the channels offered yet other relaxing networking setting.

Emerging Leaders - boatride

Emerging Leaders - boatride Emerging Leaders - boatride

 The second speaker session was a presentation by Richard Flint titled "Mastering the 5 Skills of Leadership."  This session involved how to evolve these 5 nessecary skills to being an effective leader; listening, communication, confrontation, delegation and decision making.

ISA and the Emerging Leaders would like to thank everyone who made this year’s Executive Development Retreat possible!

If you're interested in more info about upcoming summits or what else the Emerging Leaders has to offer, contact Dan Ehinger at dehinger@isapartners.org or call (215) 320-3862.

Sponsored by the ISA Emerging Leaders, the Summit is open to all ISA members and non-members.