Unlocking Sales Growth in Your Company

Many business owners struggle with how to grow sales. Our goal is to help you unlock your maximum sales performance and achieve dynamic sales growth. At Sales Growth Advisors, we work closely with business owners to remove the barriers to sales performance, helping you achieve full potential by achieving these key goals:

  • Driving dynamic sales growth
  • Boosting profitability
  • Building a winning culture

Sales Growth Advisors provides you with three key services that will transform your sales:

  1. Comprehensive On-Site Sale Discovery
  2. Strong Sales Infrastructure
  3. Outsourced Chief Revenue Officer/V.P. of Sales

Our three key steps to a proven sales-generating process are:

  1. Create a dynamic sales plan
  2. Find your best customers
  3. Grow your sales!

Typical Client Profile

  • Annual sales revenue between $2M and $100M
  • A business-to-business (B2B) focus
  • A sales cycle of three+ months
  • A business owner or president directly leading the sales effort (often not very effectively)
  • A business owner or president whose skills and talents lie elsewhere and not in sales
  • A reactive sales effort where clients are randomly raising their hands vs. a proactive approach
  • Flat or declining sales

Common Client Sales Challenges

  • “We have no formal sales process”
  • “I am doing too many things and none of them well enough”
  • “What we did in the past is no longer working”
  • “I feel trapped in the business”
  • “We lost a big customer – now what?”
  • “Inability to find the ‘right’ salesperson for my company, industry and products”
  • “Not sure where to start – I don’t know what I don’t know”
  • “Inability to take sales to the next level”

Expert Services

  • Comprehensive On-Site Sales Discovery
  • Building Your Sales Infrastructure
  • Fractional CRO (Outsourced VP of Sales)
  • Finding Your Best Customers
  • Sales Playbook and Plan Development
  • Sales Training and Certification
  • Value Proposition Workshops
  • Investment Sales Analysis
  • Executive Advisor

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Contact Us at Scott@salesgrowthadvisors.com or 303-225-9303

Why Hire Sales Growth Advisors?

Sales Growth Advisors consists of a team of individuals with key specialty skills, along with selected Support Partners that we bring in as necessary. These Support Partners are experts in such areas as sales recruiting, corporate culture, and leadership that can bring your business in-depth expertise in critical areas.

Scott Rosenzweig | President & Chief Revenue Officer

As an accomplished commercial executive leader for over 30 years, Scott has spent his career in publicly traded, private equity backed, and privately-owned companies, helping them grow while developing the people within them. Scott’s engaging, hands-on style has helped business owners and their teams expeditiously rebuild their sales infrastructures so they can more fully capitalize on the opportunities within their markets. Throughout his career, Scott has worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized dealers, distributors, value added resellers, and manufacturers, helping each to grow by developing profitable growth strategies.

Sales Insights

Scott Rosenzweig Featured on Mark Carter’s Idea Climbing Podcast

Influential Entrepreneurs Interview of Scott Rosenzweig Discussing Key Business Growth Topics

Scott Rosenzweig’s Sales Insights from the Bill Haase podcast, “Innovative Strategies”

I had the privilege of working with and reporting to Scott for 12 years while at ORS Nasco. We spent a lot of time together traveling the country calling on our National Accounts at the time so I was fortunate to get to know Scott well, both professionally and personally. We’ve all had mentors in our careers or that one person that really made an impact…Scott was that person for me. Tremendous leader who was an inspiration to work for. Even today when I’m confronted with a challenging situation, I’ll ask myself: ‘How would Scott handle this?’ Great guy and leader!

Denny Doyle, National Account Manager, R3 Safety