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W.I.S.E. Membership Application Overview


Application Process

The process begins by submitting the completed form below. You will then receive an email acknowledgment that your application has been received. Within the next 10 days you will be contacted by a member of W.I.S.E. to discuss membership qualifications, your company’s support, membership criteria and next steps.

Membership Requirements

To advance the influence of women within the industrial supply channel, W.I.S.E. members must participate in any of the following capacities actively on an annual basis:

  • Serve as a W.I.S.E. leadership team member
  • Serve on a W.I.S.E. committee
  • Serve in a Speaker or Facilitator role
  • Be a Financial Sponsor

Membership Terms

W.I.S.E.’s mission is to help women develop and advance within their companies and careers. Membership is dependent on active participation in one of the areas listed above. A W.I.S.E. member must be currently employed by an ISA member company in good standing to maintain membership. To support adequate participation from member companies, membership from any, one ISA member company should not exceed 4% of total WISE membership. Non-participating members may be removed from the membership list during the annual membership review period conducted by the Membership Committee.

Apply Now

About W.I.S.E.

W.I.S.E. (Women Industrial Supply Executives) is a Networking Group providing personal and professional development for women from ISA member firms.

Our Members

  • Recognized for their knowledge, leadership and achievement within their companies and the industry
  • Dedicated to learning and supporting one another to achieve their full potential
  • Embody a desire to use their influence to make positive change within the channel for other women
  • Share their experience and knowledge to help women who choose the industrial supply channel as a career path of personal growth

Our Vision

We advance the development and influence of women with the industrial supply channel

Our Goals

  • Advance personal and professional development of women leaders through education and networking
  • Drive an engaged membership
  • Advocate reform for women’s equality in the industrial supply channel
  • Promote recruiting and retention of women leaders in the field of industrial supply
  • Support women in achieving success in the industrial supply channel

Our Mission

Foster a sustainable network of women leveraging expertise and relationships, focused on the professional development of women leaders.

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