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Differentiating Your Organization Through World-Class Sales Effectiveness

Available at the ISA Convention 2018

April 15, 2018, ISA Convention 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Speaker: Anita Greenland, Vice President – Client Experience, The Brooks Group

In today’s competitive landscape, the people selling your products and services must be what sets you apart from the competition. Join Anita Greenland, Vice President of Client Experience at The Brooks Group, as she discusses the sales effectiveness strategies top performing companies use to grow their businesses—and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Anita will walk you through the steps to building a scalable “sales machine” – from before the hiring process begins, to succession planning, and everything in between.

Attend this discussion and walk away with:

  • Techniques for identifying your ideal sales candidate profile, and hiring for the best fit
  • An onboarding template to decrease ramp-up time and improve your ROI on sales hires
  • The sales training approach that creates real behavior change and sustainable performance lift
  • Tips for establishing and measuring daily, weekly, and monthly performance expectations
  • Sales coaching strategies for sales managers to get every rep performing at maximum capacity

About the Speaker

Anita brings 25+ years of customer service, sales, sales management, and sales training experience. In her role, Anita partners across the organization with service, implementation, facilitator management, and senior leadership to identify the most critical areas of focus which will improve overall experience for every client.

Anita’s greatest desire is to help training participants achieve those “Aha” moments. She achieves this by overseeing the Client Experience department and a team of highly qualified, effective facilitators.
Anita uses her many years of sales and sales management experience, along with her own training and facilitation expertise to coach and develop TBG facilitators to deliver customized training programs that get results.

Career and Education
Anita graduated from Loyola University of Chicago and began her career as a sales assistant for a major brewing company. After 18 months as a sales assistant she jumped into the world of foodservice sales. A year and a half later, she moved to Greensboro, NC to begin her 24+ years in media sales for Dick Broadcasting Company, Inc. Anita held a variety of positions including: Sales Representative (recognized as a top producer many years), Non-Traditional Revenue Director (recognized as Rookie of the Year), Special Events Manager, and Local Sales Manager where she spent 10 years successfully training and developing new sales hires and the existing sales team. Anita has been facilitating sales training, overseeing the Client Experience Team, and leading a team of facilitators for The Brooks Group since 2014.

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