A new standard for Manufacturers and Independent Reps (IMRs) delivering better strategic value for each other while satisfying the evolving End User needs

Get SalesWerks Certified

Elevate Your Game

Get the knowledge and skills you need to compete at a higher level and build winning relationships.

Collaborate To Succeed

Identify alignments, gaps, and opportunities to create a solid, successful future with channel partners.

Forge Winning Partnerships

Standardize your sales and planning process to build lasting relationships with the right people.

ISA SalesWerks Certification is Differentiation

Exclusively for IMR members, ISA SalesWerks Certification is free and designed to propel your agency to the next level helping you improve your professionalism while building valued, lasting partnerships.

With a focus on cross-company collaboration and process standardization, this certification program will create a new alignment of expectations helping IMRs and Manufacturers develop better strategic value for each other while satisfying the End User needs. The result? A stronger, more unified relationship that’s built on transparency, trust, mutual respect, and realistic goals.

Show Manufactures your dedication to enhancing your expertise and that you’re one of the best reps in the channel.

Level 1 Certification: What It Takes

Certification at this level is all about using a proven and professional sales process in your CRM of choice, providing transparency to your manufacturing principals, and standardizing reports. A win for everyone.

Step 1: Use a Professional Sales Process

Without a roadmap for success, you’re making life a lot harder than it needs to be. Having a professional sales process adds structure to your sales activities, leading to a higher win rate and shorter sales cycles. Getting Level 1 Certified starts by utilizing a professional sales process. Any professional process will do! Don’t have a sales process? Use ISA’s proven 8-step Sales Process to help your sales team convert prospects into customers.

View ISA’s 8-Step Sales Process

Step 2: Add the Sales Process to Your CRM of Choice

Using the CRM platform of your choice, add your professional sales process to your sales cycle. That’s it! (Yes, it’s that easy.)

Step 3: Upload Screenshots and Submit

Upload screenshots from your CRM demonstrating you have and use a professional sales process with corresponding probabilities by stage. Any CRM will do. Once approved, you’ll be Level 1 Certified!

Get Level 1 Certified

Level 2 Certification: What It Takes

Build upon your certification and strengthen the IMR – Manufacturer relationship by becoming true partners in planning. Here you’ll professionalize the planning process, maximize traction, and collaboratively align expectations.

Step 1: Use the ISA SalesWerks Business Planning Tool

Use the ISA SalesWerks Business Planning Tool with your manufacturer. Joint business planning like this allows you to work closely, collaboratively align expectations, and develop sales goals together as a team. Standardizing the planning process and setting goals together is a win for everyone.

View the ISA Business Planning Tool

Step 2: Validate and Submit

Submit your manufacturer principal’s information so they can validate your adoption of the business plan process. Once approved, you’ll be Level 2 Certified!

Get Level 2 Certified

Share Your Certification Status!

Once you’re certified, we’ll send you the official certification badge for you to share with your network. Add your certification badge in places like:

  • Your website
  • Your email signatures
  • Email communication footer
  • On social media
  • Letterhead
  • Leave behind materials

See Who’s Certified

  • Cutler Industrial Sales, Inc.
  • G.P. Connections, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Sales And Marketing
  • Industrial Sales Group, LLC.
  • Metalcutting Specialists Group, Ltd.
  • Turpin Sales & Marketing Inc.
  • Weinacht & Associates

Manufacturer Endorsements

“We fully endorse and support the ISA SalesWerks certification program for Independent Manufacturers Representatives (IMRs) in our channel. We believe that a professional sales team using a dedicated sales process as well as a structured business planning tool in conjunction with their Principals will enhance and improve both their own business as well as that of their Manufacturers, Distributors and End Users and will assist in the furtherance of the utilization of IMRs.”

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Powerful Tools for IMRs and Manufacturers. Download them today.

IMR Fit Guide

Is this Manufacturer a fit? Objectively evaluate your options for partnerships taking the anecdotal and antiquated guesswork out of the equation.

Download the Fit Guide


Assess the health of your current IMR/Manufacturer relationship. Identify alignments, gaps, and opportunities to create a solid, successful future together.

Download the Scorecard

Manufacturer Self Assessment

Take an objective look at what makes you unique so you can determine the right sales strategy for your company, specific territory, or region.

Download the Assessment

Sales Process Training Video Series

ISA’s standardized 8-step sales process adds structure and accountability to your sales activities, leading to a higher win rate and shorter sales cycles. From qualifying the opportunity to a negotiation strategy – with this process you’ll have a roadmap to success.

View ISA's Sales Process


This tool professionalizes the planning process, maximizing traction while strengthening the Manufacturer – IMR relationship. It’s not about setting a goal, it’s about achieving it!

Download the Planning Tool

SalesWerks Recertification

ISA SalesWerks Level 1 and Level 2 Certification is valid for one year and expires on December 31 each calendar year. Getting recertified is quick and easy. Just click the button below, complete the short form, and submit.

Get Level 1 Recertified         Get Level 2 Recertified

IMR Network: Advancing the Professionalism and Utilization of Industrial Manufacturer Representatives.

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