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ISA 360 – Operationalizing Change: Change and Failure – What’s the link?

Available at the ISA Convention 2018

April 15, 2018, ISA Convention 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Part of the ISA 360 series.

Speaker: Tom Bouwer, Co-Founder/Partner Profit Works, EOS Implementer

Why can’t companies operationalize change or push it down in their organizations?  Hear stories that illustrate the simple things companies must do (or not do) to make change work at all levels.  Learn about how the best leaders create cultures that embrace change rather than resist it.

About the Speaker

Tom is co-author of What The Heck Is EOS? with EOS founder, Gino Wickman. He is a sought-after speaker with extensive experience in helping business leaders get what they want from their organizations. With his energetic presentation style, Tom delivers high-value engagements that have actionable takeaways.

In addition to running his own company in Turkey, Tom has worked for start-ups, Fortune 50 companies and has consulting experience with Deloitte & Touche and Booz Allen Hamilton. Today, with ProfitWorks, he implements The Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS®) to help leadership teams and businesses simplify, clarify and achieve their vision. He has a B.A. from Hope College and MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

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