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Leading Your Business – The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Available at the Family Business Summit 2018

Leading Your Business – The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Thursday, February 22, 1:00 pm – 4:15 pm, Family Business Summit
Speaker: Sara B. Stern, Professional EOS Implementer, Family Business Minnesota

This session will help you take a close look at the business aspect of the three circle model of family business. The session is an introduction to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and a chance to look at your family business direction. EOS helps owners use a proven process that clarifies the vision they have for the business, gets the whole team working together to accomplish that vision and helps them be a healthy team. The session will provide participants with:

  • Basic understanding of the six key components that make a strong business
  • Tools that will help them strengthen their business
    Opportunity to think about their own leadership in their family business
  • Practical tools and next steps to take in their business

This session is part of the educational programming planned for the Family Business Summit 2018. To attend or learn more about this session, visit the Family Business Summit 2018 page.

About the Speaker

Sara B. Stern is on a quest to help owners get what they want from their family business and build lasting legacies. She is the former director of the nationally recognized Family Business Center at the University of Saint Thomas in Minnesota, a seasoned coach and trained EOS Implementer. She grew up in a family business and has worked for several. Her experience makes her uniquely skilled at helping family businesses implement practical tools that help them get clear about their vision, gain traction toward that vision and be a healthy team.

Sara loves to spend time with friends and family, laugh at the ridiculous and work as hard as she plays. The best moments in her career are witnessing families work together to grow their businesses, communities and legacies.

To learn more about this speaker and this session, visit the Family Business Summit 2018 page.

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