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Professional Development: Explore, Don’t Expire

Available at the ISA Convention 2018

April 15, 2018, ISA Convention 2018 – Baltimore, MD

Speaker: Nate Garvis, Co-Founder – Studio/E

A follow up to the ISA 360 discussion, the Explore, Don’t Expire Workshop will introduce participants to the method, skills and practices of effective Exploratory Leadership. Exploration is an essential leadership practice in order to thrive in today’s constantly changing environment.   Operating in a world where business models expire rapidly, technology changes at an unprecedented pace, and the habits and needs of people can morph overnight is overwhelming.  While the established managerial practices of predict, plan, execute, measure and repeat are still valuable, they are deeply incomplete when one faces situations where the old instruction books don’t apply.  Dually literate leaders, those who know how to manage and explore, thrive by learning their way forward; moving ideas and their teams with energy, focus and consistent actions that create more possibilities and prosperous paths forward.

Participants will be introduced to and given an overview of the Studio/E Map and Compass Tools as well as engage in interactive exercises that will give them hands on experiences in:

  • Understanding the utility of an organization’s purpose statement
  • Utilizing the practice of Minimum Viable Progress – the process of carving down big ideas into smaller actionable steps
  • Employing Exploratory Questions that create greater clarity around:
    • Asset-based actions
    • Ideas that focus on a customer’s true needs
    • Drawing effective operational boundaries that create zones of safety
    • Engaging and enrolling the talents of others to generate more powerful momentum.

About the Speaker

Nate is a co-founder of Studio/E, an experiential learning community that explores, launches and navigates new ideas that creates the future they desire, rather than reacting to chaotic change.  In addition to an institutional client base representing nearly every sector, Studio/E is proud to call hundreds upon hundreds of individual leaders as part of its growing family. Members come from every sector, spanning age groups, different income levels, races, religions, and an entire spectrum of political positions. Most importantly, Studio/E members check their labels at the door and connect on a first name basis as people who want to grow themselves and strengthen their communities.

Nate serves as a senior fellow at the Lewis Institute and Social Innovation Lab at Babson College.  For over 25 years, Babson has been the top-ranked entrepreneurial business school in the world. He has sat on a number of academic, business and non-profit boards throughout the country, including Allina Health, The Public Affairs Council, the College of Arts and Science at St. Thomas University and Youth Frontiers.

Nate has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, a J.D. from the University of Oregon and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two daughters who are preparing themselves to launch on the world’s stage as well.

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