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Tech-Turbocharge Your Team’s Success

Available at the IMR Summit 2018

Tech-Turbocharge Your Team’s Success

Tuesday, February 20, 9 am – 11:00 am, Everglades C
Speaker: Steve Turner, Founder and CEO, Turner Time Management

This session will help you to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape of digital marketing/social media, CRM and your sales team’s personal productivity. You will learn:

  • How digital marketing and social media can keep your customer and prospects top of mind and how you can use these tools to increase your closing rate and SALES.
  • Why in today’s technology world a high-quality CRM is crucial to your business going forward and the keys to increasing your success via CRM.
  • How to increase the personal productivity of you/your team and ultimately save 2½ to 10 hours a week by leveraging the technology you already use every day.

This session is part of the educational programming planned for the IMR Summit 2018. To attend or learn more about this session, visit the IMR Summit 2018 page.

About the Speaker

Steve Turner, Founder and CEO, Turner Time Management
With a background in technology and nearly 30 years of business experience, Steve has spent the last seven years sharing technology and time management tools, techniques and tips with thousands of professionals across the country. His speaking, training and coaching has helped many organizations increase the productivity of their employees. Steve has significant experience with working with independent sales and marketing agencies. His proven ability to leverage technology (including desktops, laptops and mobile devices) is of great value to anyone in need of greater sales and/or productivity results. TurnerTime is time management tools, techniques and tips to effectively manage e-mails, tasks and projects.

To learn more about this speaker and this session, visit the IMR Summit 2018 page.

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