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ISA SalesWerks Certified Level 1

About the Certification

Take your organization to the next level with ISA SalesWerks Certification – the knowledge process and tools to help you stay relevant, navigate change and position your organization for success!

Certification is differentiation, creating better strategic value between IMRs and Manufacturers. With a focus on process, certification enables all those that choose to become certified (regardless of software) to enjoy the benefits of differentiation.

The ISA SalesWerks Sales Process standard guarantees that your sales team and selling efforts are aligned with the customer’s buying process. Pipeline management can increase sales effectiveness while strengthening the Manufacturer – IMR relationship. It’s not how you want to sell, it’s how the customer wants to buy!

The ISA SalesWerks Business Planning Tool professionalizes the process, maximizing traction while strengthening the Manufacturer – IMR relationship. It’s not about setting a goal, it’s about achieving it! Get engaged, lean in and take your organization to the next level!

Sales Process
Sales Playbook
Business Planning Tool
ISA SalesWerks CRM Platform

Certification Process

Take your organization to the next level. ISA SalesWerks Certification provides the knowledge and tools to help you stay relevant, navigate change and position your organization for success. ISA members are eligible to apply for certification. Once certified, your company will be displayed below, and will have your certification displayed in the member directory. Ready to level up?

  • 5 Star Sales
  • Coast Industrial Sales
  • Cutler Industrial Sales, Inc.
  • Direct Sales & Marketing
  • Donwin Marketing Inc.
  • Flaherty Sales Co.
  • G.P. Connections, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Sales And Marketing
  • Hexis
  • Industrial Sales Group, LLC.
  • Integrity Tooling
  • Metalcutting Specialists Group, Ltd.
  • Next Generation Tooling
  • Pro Staff Sales, Inc.
  • S.J. Larson Company
  • Turpin Sales & Marketing Inc.

In a channel where change only continues to accelerate, SalesWerks 2021 provides leading industrial Manufacturers and Independent Rep firms with the latest education, tools, tips, and technology needed to remain relevant. The only conference of its kind, SalesWerks 2021 is designed for your entire sales & marketing organization. Register today!

Exclusively for Manufacturers and
Independent Reps

November 30 – December 1, 2021

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SalesWerks On-Demand Sessions

Virtual Sales Mastery: How Sales Teams Can Survive and Thrive in a Virtual Selling World

Speaker: Marcus Sheridan, Virtual Selling Keynote - Marcus Sheridan International, Inc.

Purchase on-demand for $99

Channel Analytics – Connecting the Transformation Dots Through Data

Speaker: Edward Gerber, President & CEO ISA

Purchase on-demand for $99

IMR Network News

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IMR Leadership Committee

Craig Lindsay

Chair Pacesetter Sales & Assoc. President Contact

Patrick Curry

Co-Chair Fullerton Tool Company President Contact

Robert Cutler

Cutler Industrial Sales, Inc. President Contact

Jim Johnson

LineDrive President Contact

Don Freeman

Werner Company Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales Contact

Monte Dhatt

Master Fluid Solutions Director of Sales -America’s Contact

Jon-Michael Raymond

Starrett Sales and Marketing Director – North America, Industrial Products Contact

Harly Savage

Coast Industrial Sales Manufacturer's Representative Contact

Matt Schron

Jergens Inc. General Manager Contact

Gary Tucker

Tucker-Weitzel & Assoc., Inc. President Contact

Brendan Breen

Staff Champion ISA President Contact

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