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SalesWerks Attendees are the Pro Players.

Posted in Network News on December 2, 2021

The ability to adapt to industry change and forge strong partnerships is imperative to the professional success of IMRs and Manufacturers. Luckily, leading industrial Manufacturers and Independent Rep firms had to look no further than SalesWerks 2021 for the latest education, tools, tips, and technology needed to do just that. The two-day virtual summit covered a range of important topics—from penetrating End-User accounts in a post-COVID world to the future of distribution and how to convert LinkedIn connections to grow business. All sessions were curated specifically to provide attendees with the skills they need to stay relevant, create meaningful relationships, and succeed in the future.

“The engagement we saw at SalesWerks was next-level. Not only were attendees eager to learn, they interacted all day through chat and live discussions with questions for speakers and insightful discussions amongst themselves,” says Brendan Breen, Executive Vice President of the Industrial Supply Association. “The positive energy and excitement were palpable. We have a real group of winners here that are dedicated to uncovering gaps, getting aligned, and taking action to succeed in the channel.”

ISA also debuted a new series of member-exclusive professional tools developed for IMRs and Manufacturers. These tools, which consist of the IMR Fit Guide, IMR/Manufacturer Relationship Scorecard, and Manufacturer Self-Assessment, were developed by a task force of industry pros to help both IMRs and Manufacturers “future proof” their relationship. Attendees were lucky enough to be the first to see these tools in action and download them for their own use during one of the SalesWerks panels.

ISA members who did not attend SalesWerks can download these tools here:

Miss the event? It’s not too late to join the pro players. You can purchase on-demand access to all session recordings here:

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