Pimberly is a PIM/DAM SaaS platform that simplifies the entire process of managing complex product data and multiple digital assets. PIM for electrical/mechanical and building equipment and components enables you to easily and efficiently create product relationships and tailor your products and components to meet the specifications of your customers.

We help businesses that are overwhelmed with complex product data and want to:

  • Gain a centralized source of truth
  • Easily manage all your complex products, including product numbers, SKUs, and associated digital assets (image/video)
  • Automate the creation of catalogs, spec sheets, and product data

All while streamlining and optimizing your teams’ everyday tasks – leaving more time for wider business objectives.



1 Minute Platform Tour:

Video: Automated Product Data Sheets

Video: Increase Productivity with PIM


Case Studies

Pimberly Success Story: Yesss Electrical

Pimberly Success Story: Westcoast


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